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1. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude, after witnessing the grand spectacle of nationalism. The event has reinforced our belief that DPS, Indirapuram, Meerut Road Campus is the pioneer educational institution of India. The effort of the faculty had ensured that the event was a grand success. I am also thankful to the school to have provide such a wonderful platform to my ward.
Regards, Ms.Sonia (Mother of AditiParashar, class 3rd)

2. The programme was really good. We are very happy with the school management. Director Ma’am’s speech was outstanding,very motivating and inspiring.
Mr. Raj Singh (Father of Sudiksha Singh, class 5th)

3. We are short of words to express our gratitude. I was overwhelmed to see my kids perform so well.I’m sure the platform provided by the school will take my child to greater heights.
Ms.Sonia Sharma (Mother of Aditya Parashar, class 5th)

4. The programme was very interesting. A good platform for the children to learn and grow. Please keep organizing such events.
Dr.RuchiPandey (Motherof Suryansh, Pandey class 5th)

5. The programme was amazing and we could realize that the school is doing well not only in education but also in co curricular activities.
Mr. RavinderBhat (Father of ShivamBhat, class 5th)

6. The programme was very effectively organized. I got emotional watching my child perform on the stage.
Ms.MadhuTyagi (Mother of VanshTyagi, class 5th)

7. The function ‘Incredible India’ was very well organized. I appreciate the efforts of all the teachers and staff members.
Mr. Gresh Kumar(Father of DikshaKumari, class 4th)

8. We are overall satisfied with the efforts that the teachers are putting in for the overall development of the child.
Mr. Ramesh Mohan(Father of Abhikrishna R. Mohan, class 4th)

9. I can see a vast change in my daughter’s communication skills, confident, etc. Thanks a lot for guiding and supporting her in all the spheres. We feel proud to be a part of DPS Indirapuram, Meerut Road Campus.
Mr. Dushyant Upadhyaya (Father of Bhavya Upadhyaya, class 3rd)

10. The event “Incredible India” was a huge success. Thanks and congratulations for putting such a wonderful show.
Mr. Mayank Upadhayay (Father of Viviaan, class Prep)

11. It was a great show. Please do take initiatives for organizing such wonderful events. Hard work put in by the staff members is appreciable. May god bless this team.
Mr. Amit Kumar Pandey (Father of Sumedha, class Prep)

12. It was an amazing experience. The event was a flawless showcase of talent and the performance of the children were much appreciable.
Mr. Dushyant (Father of Vedant, class Prep)

13. Awesome function, great efforts put in by the teachers and students. Very well organized. Thanks for giving students such a huge platform.
Mr. Nishant Prashad(Father of Aaryahi, class prep)

14. The event was perfect and everything was beyond our expectations. It was a pleasure to see the students performing so well.
Mr. Shohit Sharavat (Vridhhi Sharavat, class 2nd)
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