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Annual Day ...

Annual Day

DPS R.N. Extension celebrated its very first Annual Day on 8 th December, 2018. The theme for the programme was “Bhagat Singh – A Legacy Unexplored.” As the name suggests, it was about the illustrious and most eventful life of Bhagat Singh and the part he played in India’s freedom struggle. The programme started with a tribute to the martyred souls of the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre . The tiniest tots of the school danced rivetingly to the tune of Vande Mataram.The Principal Ms Pallavi Udhyaya formally welcomed the Chief Guest Mr Hardayal Singh, Member, Managing Committee, DPS Indirapuram, Pro Vice-Chairperson Smt Santosh Bansal and the Director Ms Mita Rai. She read out an impressive annual report which not only outlined the achievements of the school and its students but also envisioned the plans and dreams for the luminous future of the school. The theme Bhagat Singh was selected after due deliberations and thoughts. It was decided that the school’s prime duty towards the country and its future citizens is to instil love for the country in the hearts of the students and the rest of the desired values would automatically follow. The drama started with the birth of Bhagat Singh and went on to show various episodes in Indian history that shaped the person he had become. The death sentence and hanging of the beloved son of India left a deep impression on the audience who were moved by the performances of the children. The drama was interspersed with dances which lent a relief to the dark theme. The story ended with a message that Bhagat Singh might have died on the gallows but his spirit still lives in the hearts of the patriotic Indians. The Chief Guest Mr Hardayal Singh, Member, Managing Committee, DPS Indirapuram, appreciated the performances of the children and the principal for thinking of such a theme which incidentally has been the most talked about topic in recent times. He said that there is much to imbibe from the philosophy of Bhagat sIngh who even though young, had the maturity that was beyond his years. The Vote of thanks was rendered by the Head Girl of the school, Stuti Jha and the evening ended with the singing of National Anthem.

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